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5 Hacks to Take Back Your Life & Your Sanity || Jun 14-18 12pm PT

For high-achieving women who want to learn the life-altering tools based in neuroscience and psychology so that you feel more empowered, energized, and resilient.

A 5 Day Exclusive FREE LIVE Training for Women Leaders

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1 hour a day 12pm PT | 3pm ET via Facebook

  • Learn the life changing emotional intelligence skills to be more focused, energized and present so you can become clearer and more productive.
  • Feel more empowered this year no matter what your environment, circumstances or conditions are around you or have been.
  • How to overcome resistance and let go of what isn’t in your control, so you can optimize what is in your control.
  • How to pause to self-soothe in under 5 minutes a day, including activating your parasympathetic nervous system to rest & renew so you feel relaxed and calm.
  • How to set yourself up for lasting success, without the guilt.

....and so much more!

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Here's What to Expect Each Day

DAY 1 - Why Pause Now - Hack #1

Why pausing matters in our new normal for 2021, and how it can lead to transformational shifts. We'll look at step #1 for the overwhelm fix (naming emotions) and begin to build the life-changing skill of knowing and naming how you feel. Pause challenge and prize for day #1.

DAY 2 - Own it - Hack #2

What pausing can do for you as we emerge from our forced. Avoid common pitfalls that leave us depleted. It's time to recognize it, own it, and change it as we look at types of pausing that helps us own it in 2021. Pause challenge & prizes for day #2.

+ Special Guest Kim Chestney, Author of Radical Intuition discusses "Overwhelm & Intuition"

DAY 3 - Overcome Resistance - Hack #3

Day 3 is all about upping your quality of life in 2021, without sacrificing time. We'll take a deeper look at how to be and feel more aligned with thriving as you overcome resistance. Identify your non-negotiables. Pause to notice resistance and how to overcome it which creates greater meaning. Pause challenge and prizes for day #3.

DAY 4 - Self-Soothe in 5 minutes or less - Hack #4

We'll look at getting nourishment, what it isn’t, and sustaining yourself, all in 5 minutes or less a day in 2021. We also explore top reasons to pause that lead to thriving. Learn why self-soothing mindfully helps boost your resilience, energy and empowerment that leads to consistent thriving. Pause challenge and prizes for day #4.

+ VIP Ticket'ers: VIP Hour "Overwhelm Roundtable" on Zoom @2pm PST 6/17

DAY 5 - Stay out of overwhelm for lasting success - Hack #5

How to set yourself up for success in the long term, including systems of support to keep your boundaries, limits and expectations to set you up for lasting success, without the guilt. Pause challenge and grand prize winner for the week.

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About your host, Rachael O'Meara:

Rachael O’Meara, MBA, MA and best selling author is a leadership coach who empowers her clients to develop their emotional intelligence to stay out of overwhelm and thrive as they feel more energized, empowered and resilient. Rachael's 13 years of experience at Google helps her know what it takes to be a successful leader. Her course Thrive, Lead and Succeed helps women learn how to stay out of overwhelm, for life! Her book Pause was a top business book for your career and was featured in the New York Times, and on the TEDx stage. Rachael lives in San Francisco with her husband and pauses as much as possible to ski, road bike, and BE - a lifelong challenge!

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